Spain in June – Coach Tour in Northern Spain & Self-Drive Program in Andalucia
Hi Michael,
The northern Spain tour (E-478) was great, only nine people on a sixty seater bus. Hotels generally good. Tour guide great. 
Self-drive a bit stressful, very narrow streets, some places hard to find. We would recommend the train too. Tour people in Madrid very helpful.
Overall a terrific holiday, maybe better in May or September as we had 40c in Madrid and Seville!
Many thanks for all your arrangements. Steve
Janet & Anne in Morocco April 2015
Hi Holly, 
Janet and Anne came back last weekend and had a wonderful time. I have included a couple of their comments which I think you may find interesting:
“The English spoken by our driver was superior. Our driver was very good indeed. Our Fes guide was also good but not that easy to understand. We were very grateful to our driver. I must say the bread making excursion day was excellent. Having been slightly unwilling participants initially, we both agreed it was time really well spent. We recommend it and will write a good report on Trip Advisor.”
Thank you so much for all your help. I certainly know who to speak to when next sending clients (or myself) to Morocco.
Take care, Kath Waugh, Blue Skies (travel agent)
Private Arrangements for PATTERSON, December-January in Morocco!
JUST letting you know…Gerard has just landed and he had a total blaaaaaaast!
I cannot thank you enough for your superb expertise and management of this booking… You are truly wonderful and I am on my knees in gratitude!
Just had a HUGE chat with him. He had the best best time and loved it all. All properties were unreal.
Jo, MTA (travel agent)
Morocco – Private 16 day tour for six - 2014
Hi Holly,
we had a wonderful trip. Morocco was so interesting in all respects, the scenery, culture, people, shopping of course and the food. Our bags were chock-a-block coming home having added 10 kg to both. We also sent home 3 parcels from Morocco!
Our driver, Younes Bakkar, was fabulous, we got on so well with him, he fitted in so well, as he said to us ‘you are no longer tourists but my family’, yes he was ours as well. He looked after us beyond his duty doing many little extras that were not in his job description. We were very appreciative of his efforts. He always took us to places to eat which he knew were of excellent quality. He also took us to a dinner and show in Marrakech which was fun and took us through the medina in a village near Erfoud before going into the desert. In the medina we visited a traditional natural pharmacy, that was a great experience. If you would pass on to Alizes Travel these thoughts and our appreciation for his work. Their vehicle was excellent too. Younes is a credit to himself and Alizes Travel and is deserving of praise from his boss.
Thank you for the dinner at Rick’s Café; it was sensational and great finish to a great holiday.
Thank you again for all your efforts in putting our trip together; you did a wonderful job.
Geoff and Lyn
Spain, Portugal & Morocco
Hi Holly,
a quick note to give you feedback on our trip. It was an extremely well organized and interesting holiday, with both of us loving our time in all 3 countries. The weather treated us kindly and we saw many amazing things plus had a lot of fun.
Thank you, Holly, for having everything so brilliantly organized for us - it provided the foundation for a top rate holiday.
Many Thanks Noel and Bev
Private Spain & Portugal Tour, October 2014
Dear Holly,
I am back in Sydney. Certainly all 6 members of the group have enjoyed the trip you planned.
Thank you. Andy Mak
Northern Spain Coach Tour, October 2014
Hi Michael, we have returned from a memorable trip to Spain, all went very well from start to finish. Well organised trip, comfortable transport and good choice of hotels. Constanza in Barcelona was the best and spoilt us for the rest of the trip.
Thank you for being so helpful, God bless.
Adele Seady (South Africa)
August Euorpean Holiday (8 day North of Spain Tour E-478 & 5 day Salamanca & Portugal Tour E-175)
Hello Michael
Hope you are well.
This is just a quick note to say that we enjoyed our European holiday.  Everything went according to plan - planes, trains, car and the Spain/Portugal tour component. We were joined on our first tour in Spain by 2 Australian couples. There were only 11 on the Portugal tour in a 45/50 seater bus. We were joined by another Australian couple, who were also your clients. Trapsatur worked out well; we also got to meet some Spanish speaking people from Central and South America and this contributed to the tour enjoyment for both groups.
There were a number of optional tours (almost daily). Most places employed a local guide – one of our embedded tour guides indicated that a local guide had to be employed on each occasion as they risked being fined if they were caught doing the job of a local guide. These optional tours usually turned out to be quite good, and we couldn’t really work out what we would have done if we didn’t do them.
Thanks for your assistance. Regards, Geoff & Cheryl Rynja
Discovery of Morocco Tour – May 2013
Hi Holly, we finished our tour of Morocco and am just writing to say what a great tour it was. Ahmet our guide and Abdul our driver were simply great.The hotels were good and some superb. But overall we are happy with the tour and the small group of 15 fellow travelers, Belgians, Aussies and Kiwis were wonderful and got on really well together. All the local guides were terrific including the 80 year old at the tour of the cistern at Oualidia, he was full of of energy and funny! So once again, thank you, we are glad to have made this trip to Morocco.......
Regards Devi and Klaudio

Spanish Adventure - Sept '13
Morning Holly
Now that some time has passed since our return and life has returned to some form of normality I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you for your expert attention to our booking.  Every part of our journey was thankfully uneventful and went off without a hitch.  
Physically very demanding nevertheless with all the moving and bag carrying etc. but if you want to see the country as we were able to do that is what is necessary. Kerry managed the drive most expertly although at times it was a bit like a "Chevy Chase" movie at some roundabouts and not knowing what direction we were supposed to be going in.   The road system is I have to say a pleasure to drive on.   The diversity of the country has to be seen to be believed.  Agriculture is of course a major source of income to the country and we saw why as we witnessed acres and acres of land under cultivation groaning with either olive trees or fruit trees or some other crops.
The country was marvellous to see,  the train journey was so easy, the hotels were perfect and well positioned and of a good standard.   Arriving at our final destination Malaga near the Costa Del Sol was a shock.  It is so very congested down in that area and highly urbanised with highways and tall buildings appearing to choke that region.  It is a very popular area obviously  ... maybe next time that is where we need to have a look around.  Barcelona was magnificent with its amazing architecture history and special sites as was Madrid and Granada.   We took in some local colour with the Andalusian dancing horses, a  Spanish dance company production, a ride on the cable car way up into the mountains. We visited the marvellous museums and art galleries and where possible took advantage of what each region had to offer tourists.
We found the hop on/hop off bus the best way to get around when in major cities and it worked well and was reasonably priced.  We would head for the local tourist office as soon as we arrived to get information on where to go and what to see ... that also was very useful and these offices were most obliging and helful.     
Having a hard time settling down  spending many hours of my day dreaming and trying to re-live the memories!
Thanks again. Pauline Calligeros
My Trip: Malaga, Gibraltar, Lisbon & Surrounds – April 2013
I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding my trip to Spain and Portugal. Thank you for your amazing job of organising this trip. The tours were all well run and took me where I wanted to go. All their guides were friendly and explained points of interest extremely well. The hotels were incredible!! Both so centrally located and 5 star. The Palacio (Malaga) was so modern and their staff very helpful. The Mundial was so central and my room had a fantastic view of the main castle in the hills. It was like a fairy tale view at night.
Thank you again for all your hard work putting this trip together for me. If I ever decide to go back to that part of the world again I would certainly use your company and especially you to organise it again. I will highly recommend you my friends and fellow travellers.
Regards, Anne Shearston
Private Overnight Trip in Morocco, June 2012
Hi Holly,
Now that we are more or less settled in London following our cruise, I wanted to let you know that everything went like clockwork in Morocco.
We had such a great adventure. Our driver/guides were fantastic and we found Morocco fascinating beyond words. The only problem was that our stay was much too short! The hotel in Marrakech was perfect - a far cry from some awful plastic Hilton or Sheraton. All the people we met were so friendly and helpful.. we can't wait to go back again and explore further.
So thanks again for your patience and hard work. As it turns out, dozens of people left the ship in Agadir and returned the following day in Casablanca, so I don't know what all the drama with Oceania was about.
best wishes, Ian Ross & Gray Bolte.
Thank you for a wonderful trip - Morocco Private Driver Progam, May 2012
Dear Holly, 
I am writing to thank you for booking a wonderful trip for our family. As there is no evaluation form, I wanted to write to say what a great companion Hicham was to us. He was so thoughtful, courteous, professional and well informed. Every part of the trip, he consulted us and planned ahead to make sure that things went smoothly and that our interests (e.g. photography, food preferences) were catered for. Hicham is a wealth of knowledge on Moroccan history and Berber culture. We also had great discussions on Islam and exchanged Arabic lessons with him for Chinese ones :) I will definitely be recommending him to friends who travel to Morocco. 
We also enjoyed most of our local guides, who were usually knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
The rooms you booked for us were beautiful. We enjoyed all the various properties along the way. It was a great idea not to pre-book dinners. The portions served everywhere were huge!
The itinerary was well paced. We liked arriving in most cities in the afternoon, having a relaxing evening, then exploring it the next day. The only day that was longer than we expected was the drive from Fez to Boumalne. We left at 8:30 am, and after site-seeing along the way, we did not arrive at our hotel til after 9pm. It was quite tiring for us and for Hicham. 
Thank you once again. Kind regards, Emyo Wang
Portugal, Andalucia & Morocco Tour (Trapsatur), April/May 2012
Hi Holly,
Now back in Oz and had a great time and everything you organised worked out really well, especially the locations of the hotels in Barcelona and Madrid. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed everything and Spain Portugal and Morocco are such interesting places.
Kind Regards, Jeniffer Petty.
Spain & Portugal Trip - Private Driver Arrangements, Accommodation, Tours, Guides in Spain & Portugal: August-September 2011
Dear Holly,
Just arrived back from 2 months away, and wanted to say thanks for arranging such a terrific holiday for the Moses’ and myself in Spain and Portugal. The itinerary was wonderful and the hotels very comfortable, and the guides and drivers were simply terrific.
Holly, I hope your trip was equally great, and thanks again for checking things out for me.
Best wishes, Judy Becher
Spain Trip - Trapsatur 5 day Andalucia tour from Barcelona
Hi Holly – Just a note to thank you for the organising – all went seamlessly – great trip & experience.
Kind Regards, Ken Adeline
Individual Spain Arrangements - May/June 2011
Many thanks for your excellent work that got us to Spain, Paris and back last month. Despite the rush, every arrangement fell into place perfectly.
Cheers, Sue Hutchins

Private Morocco Program and Barcelona – October 2011
Hi Holly
We had a great trip – and thank you for all your tips and help.
I think we had the same guide/driver that you had in Morocco – and he was very good. Nothing seemed to be a bother for him and we found the Moroccon landscape etc particularly interesting. The markets etc were also fun to explore..
The accommodation was also good – and in line with what we had discussed. Ironically it rained on the day/night we were going to camp in the desert – so they had arranged alternate accommodation for us – at our option. We decided to take the alternative they had arranged – a good call in the circumstances as we still got a good feel for the desert and dunes etc
Barcelona was also excellent – such a beautiful city. The accommodation was good..
All in all, a good and memorable trip.
Thank you for your help
All the best, Jill and George Forster
Family trip to Morocco - January 2011
Hi Holly,
We are back!
We had a wonderful time in Morocco the guide (Adil) was fantastic!!!!!
… all the hotels were incredible and the service was impeccable. I would have no problems what so ever recommending Timeless Tours to anyone who is looking to travel to Morocco.
Many thanks again!
Liz Myers
Morocco 2010
Your arrangements worked perfectly and we had a terrific time. Cheers, Sue Hutchins
Morocco Kovacs Tour May 2009
Just to let you know that everything went absolutely perfectly in Morocco.
From the time the driver was waiting for us at the airport on arrival until he dropped us off at the airport on departure it could not have gone smoother.
I must special out Rashid our driver who was friendly, charming, always ready to help in every way and absolutely punctual.
The guides were there and knowledgable and courteous and helpful. The Riads were as great as you had foreshadowed and sure enough Peter Dyer is a scream. Thank you again for great organization. Steve Kovacs

Private Morocco Program - February 2009
We have been travelling through Morocco over the last 10 days and it has been an unforgettable experience including our itinerary accommodation & touring suggestions.
Our driver was very professional, courteous & level headed. Nothing was ever too much and he was always happy to make suggestions or comply with our wishes.
We have travelled to many destinations in the world and would like to say out trip to Morocco was as enjoyable as anything we have ever done
Thanks to Timeless & their Moroccan representatives.
Hans Hulsbosch
Spain and Morocco Trip 2005
Now that the normal work routine has returned, I thought I would give you some feedback on the trip.
Spain: The Hotel Londres E Inglaterra was wonderful. San Sebastion is a wonderful place to walk, eat tapas, and use as a base for a drive in the surrounding area. Both the Hotels Petit Palace in Bilbao and Sevilla were well presented very modern hotels. The Gugenheim museum was fantastic and worth 1/2 a day. The Bilbao hotel was on the tram line to the museum which made travel easy. Seville was wonderful also, plenty to see in the city itself.
Morocco: After the initial culture shock (two taxi drivers having a fight over who was going to get our fare; we went with a third!). Marrakech was fantastic. The Maison Mnabha was an excellent suggestion, we were sad to leave Peter and Lawrence. The Riad was immaculate full of atmosphere, nothing was too much trouble. We had several dinners (candlelight), there as well, one cooked in the hamman. The room had two dozen red roses, olives and nuts fresh each day, specially cooked biscuits on the last day. Breakfasts were great, freshly stewed figs, pastries etc. All in all a great place.
We went to the atlas mountains on a small group day tour and to Essaouira for the day with a driver. The La Maison Arabe was a great hotel but not in the centre of things like Mnabha and being bigger didn't have the same intimate feeling as Mnabha. It was much better than a Sheraton etc, type of hotel, but having been spoilt at Mnabha I would prefer Mnabha any day. The cooking class was held at La Maison Arabe's pool area some 10-15 minutes away by car from the hotel. The class was good but ended up only being a one course class. The most interesting thing was there was a Moroccan chef and a translator who turned out to be a professor at the University and we had a good talk to him about the current state of Moroccan culture and Politics. We were served the meal we cooked by the pool. Thank you again for your helpful suggestions we had a wonderful holiday.
John Giles

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