Dubai - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Dubai is the second largest and best known of the seven sheikdoms which make up the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai is a modern city state and perhaps this is its greatest  attraction. The last 20 years have seen a frenzy of development as it seeks to become a modern economy replacing its traditional reliance on oil. Buildings, roads, metros, airports and hotels, often with spectacular architecture seem to appear from what was desert or sea at a faster pace than anywhere else in the world almost while you watch.
Shopping is a major pastime with major luxurious shopping malls offering the latest in electronics, silverware, carpets and designer clothes complementing the traditional gold and spice souks.
Foods from across the world are widely available, there are theme parks, outdoor adventures in the desert dunes and water sports. Cruising on a traditional dhow on the Creek is a popular activity as are golf, horse racing and many other sports all at world class facilities.
Dubai is a great place to break a journey to Europe, Africa or the Middle East and a visit there can be combined easily with trips to the nearby less-developed Emirates or with its scenic and historic neighbour Oman.
Timeless offers a range of individual and group programs in Dubai and the UAE. We can book group tours, stopovers, transfers, hotels, car hire and short and long individualised programs. We design each program individually to suit clients’ needs.

Dubai Tourism Brochures

Weekend consists of Fridays and Saturdays.
  • 01 Jan              New Year's Day
  • 03 Apr              Night of Ascension
  • 05 May             Start of Ramadan
  • 04-06 Jun         End of Ramadan
  • 11 Aug             Arafat Day
  • 12-14 Aug        Fest of Sacrifice 
  • 01 Sep             Islamic New Year
  • 10 Nov             The Prophets Birthday
  • 30 Nov             Commemoration day
  • 02 Dec             National Day
  • 03 Dec             National Day Holiday

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