IRAN Sample 19 day Private Iran Itinerary

This a 2.5 week sample itinerary for private touring in Iran. Please contact us for a quote!
Day 1 Arrive Tehran
Private arrival transfer from Tehran IKA airport to hotel.
Afternoon tour with English-speaking guide includes Reza Abbasi Calligraphy Art Museum, Imamsadeh Saleh shrine in Tajrish bazaar and Darband area which will be busy as it’s a weekend. If passengers are tired Darband area can be omitted.
3 nights Tehran.
Day 2 Tehran
Archaeological Museum including Islam section, Carpet Museum, Contemporary Art Museum and Sad Abad Palace.
Day 3 Tehran
Golestan Palace, Ethnological Museum and other buildings in this complex bazaar of Tehran. In the afternoon visit National Jewels Treasury and Abgineh Museum. Their guide from Tehran will continue on until they reach Shiraz.
Day 4 Tehran – Qazvin – Zanjan (Soltaniyeh)
Drive to Zanjan via Qazvin. In Qazvin visit Shazdeh Hossein Shrine, Jame Mosque  and the old city gate then in Zanjan visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Soltaniyeh and some nearby monuments. Zanjan is famous for its hand-made knives and silverwork. Jame Mosque and a public laundry centre, converted to a museum are the other highlights of Zanjan. If preferred. dinner can be taken in a traditional restaurant in a caravanserai. Total driving: 320km.
1 night Bozorg-e Zanjan.
Day 5 Zanjan – Hamadan via Takht-e Soleian
Drive to Hamadan via the UNESCO world heritage site of Takht-e Soleiman, about 350km. Optional tours may be available in the afternoon.
1 night e Soleian.
Day 6 Hamadan – Kermanshah via Kangavar – Bisotun
Parsian tour of Hamdan includes the tombs of Esther and Mordechai (a Jewish pilgrimmage site), the Ganjameh inscriptions, Hegmataneh Museum and stone lion. The drive to Kermanshah is 190km via the Anahita Temple in Kangavar and Bisotun (another world heritage site).
Day 7 Kermanshah – Dezful
Morning tour of Kermanshah including Maovenol molk Tekiyeh, Taq-e Bostan and the bazaar then drive 400km to Dezful.
1 night Dezful.
Day 8 Ahvaz via Shush – Shushtar and Choqazanbil
350km drive to Ahvaz, stopping en route to visit Choqazanbil Zigurat (UNESCO world heritage site), Daniel’s tomb and remains of Apadana Palace in Shush and watermills in Shustar.
Day 9 Shiraz via Bishapoor
Today is a 670km drive via Bishapoor and other sites. The route traverses the Zagros mountain range. There is a public holiday today which may affect sightseeing. Your first guide will leave you here and be replaced by another until the end of your trip.
3 nights Shiraz.
Day 10 Shiraz
Tour of Shiraz including Vakil Mosque and Bazaar, Narenjestan, Khan Theological school, Hafez tomb, Bazaar, Nasir mosque.
Day 11 Shiraz incl Persepolis, Naqsh-e-Rostam etc
Day excursion to Naqsh-e Rajab, Naqsh-e-Rsotam and Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Qoran gate, total of 120km driving.
Day 12 Yazd via Pasargadae
450km drive to Yazd via Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Abarqu.
3 nights Yazd.
Day 13 Yazd
City tour of Yazd over 2 days including Mir-Chakhmaq Tekiyeh, Fire Temple, Towers of Silence, Water Museum, Dolat Abad Garden, Jame Mosque, wind towers, old district of the city, a traditional home and the bazaar.
Day 14 Yazd – Fahadan
Continuation of above. If interested, Chak chak fire temple is 45km north east of Yazd, but has lots of stairs’ You can also visit Fahraj Mosque to the south east of Yazd which dates from the earliest days of Islam in Iran.
Day 15 Esfahan via Meybot and Nain
300km drive to Esfahan via Nain. At Meybot see the restored postal station, ice house and caravanserai. At Nain see the Jame Mosque, traditional textile workshops and a museum. Evening panoramic tour of Esfahan including the old bridges.
3 nights Esfahan.
Day 16 Esfahan
City tour of Esfahan including Jame Mosque, Chehel Sotun and Hasht Behesht palaces.
Day 17 Esfahan
City tour of Esfahan including Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO site), Imam and Lofullah Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace. Free time in the bazaar.
Day 18 Esfahan to Tehran IKA Airport via Abyaneh, Kashan and Qom
Visit Abanyeh village, Kashan (including Fin gardens and a traditional home). See the holy shrines in Qom from outside (entry not permitted). After dinner in Qom, continue to Tehran IKA Airport to arrive in plenty of time (at least 3 hours before) for early morning departure. Abyaneh villag, Kashan (Fin garden, an outside home) and an outside view of the Holy shrine in Qom.
Day 19 Depart Tehran
CIP passenger lounge at the airport for comfort prior to flight out of Tehran IKA airport
Includes: Visa reference number; arrival transfer; car, driver and English-speaking guide throughout; 17 nights twin and on bed and breakfast basis; 36 lunches and dinners at hotels or local restaurants; all excursion and entry fees to sites in the itinerary; bottled water, tea and coffee on long journeys; use of CIP lounge at Tehran IKA Airport prior to departure.

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