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Travelling in Spain

Flamenco, Fiesta and Fun…

Spain’s sweeping coastlines and rugged mountains, busy cities and peaceful villages, modern, Baroque and Moorish architecture and sun-drenched islands have enchanted visitors for centuries.
You can enjoy an extraordinary range of cultural, geographical, gastronomical and climactic differences in the one country. Madrid, the capital, boasts historical monuments, modern skyscrapers, elegant boulevards, fashionable shops and art galleries, with an old quarter that is a maze of plazas and quiet laneways.
Barcelona, on the Mediterranean coast, is similar in size and importance and was home to artists such as Picasso, Dali and Gaudi, who all left their mark on a city famed for its fashion, food and nightlife.
Seville, the Andalusian capital, is known for Flamenco dancing and magnificent Baroque and Moorish architecture. In the Basque city of Bilbao you can visit the superb new Guggenheim Museum.
Spain boasts a wealth of National Parks and World Heritage Cities. In this land of contrasts, there is truly something for everyone.

Spain Tourism Brochures

The following are links to brochures produced by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism. They can be ordered by email from the ‘Espana’ website:

(please be patient, these may take some time to open completely!)


Spain straddles the greater part of the Iberian Peninsula that just out of the south-western tip of Europe. With a surface of area of 505,955 square kilometres, it ranks as the third largest country in continental Europe, after Russia and France. The country’s capital is Madrid, which is the seat of both the Royal Family and the Government.
With approximately 40 million inhabitants, Spain has an average population density of around 80 inhabitants per square kilometre.
Every region has its share of Spain’s richly diverse array of geography, climate and scenery, and, to boost their individual tourist industries, they at times join forces to highlight their common features and attractions.
Religion – Freedom of worship is guaranteed under the Spanish Constitution, though the great majority of the population are nominally Catholic.
Languages – Spanish. English is widely spoken in main cities and tourist areas
Time difference – On the Spanish mainland and Balearic Isles, local time is one ahead of Greenwich Mean Time in winter and two hours ahead in summer.
Passport and Entry Requirements – Australian and New Zealand passport holders do not require a tourist visa for stays of up to 90 days within a period of 6 months.
Tourist Office – There is no Spanish Tourist office in Australia. The National Tourist Office of Spain is in Singapore.
Australian Embassy, Madrid
Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259D, Planta 24
28046, Madrid
Telephone: (34 91) 353 6600
Fax: (34 91) 353 6692
Australian Honorary- Consulate, Seville
Federico Rubio 14, Seville 41004
Telephone: (34 95) 422 0971
Fax: (34 95) 421 1145
Australian Honorary-Consulate, Barcelona
Plaza Gala Placidia, 1-3, 1st floor, Barcelona 08006
Telephone: 34 93) 4909 013
Fax: (34 93) 4110 904
Health Regulations – No vaccination requirements for any international traveller.
Banking Hours – Banks open Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm. Only some open til 1pm on weekends. Most closed on Saturdays in August.
Currency – Euro (EUR). 1 EUR = 1.90 Australian dollar approximately. ATMs are widespread and major credit cards are accepted.
Phone service – A sophisticated telephone system provides coverage nation-wide. Apart from booths (locutorios), there are the standard street-corner public telephones. Phone cards and phone credit cards (which can be bought at all branch post-offices and tobacconists) are used.
Wide mobile phone range is available.
Medical Service – All types and standards of services are of high quality and readily available within Spain.
Tipping – All catering establishments in Spain include service in their prices. Tips are accepted and appreciated (5%-10% depending on service provided) but not expected. If in doubt, do as in Australia.
Voltage and Plug Shape – 220 volt. Two pronged cylindrical plug (standard European)
Dress requirements – There is no rigid dress code.
Transport – Many major airlines have direct flights to Spain. There are easy, effective and comfortable rail, road and ferry services to many other locations in Europe.
Internal Transport – comfortable and efficient bus and rail networks.
Domestic flights readily available from major cities.
Regular ferry services available where applicable.
Taxis are subject to the fare shown on the meter. In some cities there is a luxury-style service, known as grandes turismos, charging higher rates. For this type of hire, it is advisable to settle the fare in advance.
Driving – Right hand side of the road. Excellent signage in English script and well maintained road network. International driving license is sufficient for long periods. For short periods local (Australia state) licence is sufficient.
Accommodation – All types from palaces to pensions, apartments, youth hostels, country cottages and health spas are available including many with historical or special character. Camping is a popular option with over 1200 official camping grounds.
Entertainment – Night clubs, discos, cafes, restaurants.
Major attractions – Spain is known for its affluent variety in museums, art galleries, heritage, natural scenery and rich cultural attractions. Opportunities for water sports, trekking, climbing, shopping, nightclubbing, relaxing on a beach or spending time exploring natural wonders, ancient cities and cultures.
Food and drink – One of Spain’s attractions is, without a doubt, its cuisine, which is one of the best in the world for both quality and variety. The considerable development in Spanish cooking in recent years is due to the emergence of a clutch of first-class chefs. Each region: Northern, Mediterranean, Meseta and Southern, all present their own cuisine, affected by the weather and culture.


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